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Climate change and the production of iron and steel


Whether it is future energy and transport systems, protection from the impacts of natural disasters, climate-resilient infrastructure, construction and housing, low-carbon manufacturing and agriculture, steel is at the heart of delivering solutions.

Increasingly, circular economic approaches are prolonging steel’s useful life. The steel industry is an integral part of the circular economy – with our material ideally suited to be remanufactured, reused and ultimately recycled.

Transforming steel production

Iron is made by removing oxygen and other impurities from iron ore. When iron is combined with carbon, recycled steel and small amounts of other elements it becomes steel. Once made, it is a permanent resource; it is 100% and infinitely recyclable without any loss of properties.

Steelmaking is a truly global industry, and raw materials (such as iron ore and scrap) and steel products are traded globally to a large extent. Today, over 70% of global steel production takes place in Asia.

The production of steel remains a CO2 and energy-intensive activity. However, the steel industry is committed to continuing to reduce the footprint from its operations and the use of its products.

Our industry fully supports the aims of the Paris Agreement.

There is no single solution to drastically reducing CO2 emissions from our industry, however, the main elements enabling industrial and societal transformation are:

Reducing our own impact

We take responsibility for our impact by reducing our emissions from the production of iron and steel. We strive for efficiency in our processes and maximised use of scrap. We continue our efforts to develop and deploy breakthrough low-carbon steel making technologies.

Efficiency and the circular economy

We drive more reuse, remanufacturing and recycling, all key elements of the circular economy.

Modern steels are stronger, lighter and more durable than ever before. The steel industry works intensively with its customers, from design to end-of-life, to share our material knowledge to ensure that steel is used as efficiently as possible in any given application. In this way we enable the circular economy and contribute to material efficiency at every stage.

Developing advanced steel products to enable societal transformations

We are developing and manufacturing the advanced steel products necessary to facilitate the required transformation and adaptation of society to reach carbon neutrality through zero energy buildings, renewable energy infrastructures, electrification and more.

We assist our customers in delivering innovative solutions through the use of our material and the introduction of new advanced steel products.